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This picture just keeps running through my head it’s like I know that it’s over the relisation has hit me all in this one word I hope we will never have a last good bye ever ill always need you
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Just u … No one else to a whole new place somewhere were people don’t know us a place were people won’t judge us where no one will be getting involved a place where we can be ourselves around eachother no influence from anyone that there won’t be people stopping us from being happy that we can walk down the street without getting so mad because of seeing some person something someplace that causes bad memories … I want to start over with YOU
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It was you… It was me and you everything in life I had planned I had planned with you and I’m not even an adult yet I’m 16 and I should be not thinking about my future for another two years yet the only thing iv ever wanted for the last year and 3 months was to be in the future with u so we could change our surroundings everything the place the people the things we have to do we had planned kids and it was all with not for one second did I want that perfect future that I had planned to happen with anyone else and I realised when I had lost you that the reason I didn’t want anyone else in my future is because then it wouldn’t be perfect you were the one that completed it and now me and you won’t talk and I know how it’ll start to happen well use every opportunity to say hi both wanting to say more memories will fade the hellos will become less and less until one day when it finally happens well walk past eachother and nothing feelings will be mutual no contact will be made but memories will start flowing back and that’s when I’ll know that it’s over I just want you to know that I have 3 memories in my life so far that I won’t ever forget and 2 of them were with u I want u to know that and the best memory I have in my whole life is lien down under the stars with u something changed in me that night I don’t know what it was or how to deceive it but something changed the feeling that night gives me goose bumps everytime that memory never gets old never in my whole life will I forget that . That night I knew you were the most important thing I was ever going to come across but I’m to fucked up to realise what I have when I have it even if we ever got back I still wouldn’t realise because I can’t I’m just like that I go to crazy sometimes and most the time do stuff I regret but one thing I can say was anything crazy I ever done with u I never regretted taking care of u being there for u having u there for me u taking care of me everything not one second did I regret even when you were passed out to your eyes in vodka spitting all over me getting me filthy right that second when we lied down together I wanted to take care of u I wanted u to know that no matter what state u ever were I will always be there for u know matter what and even tho you can’t talk to me now cause you promised and I know you keep them I just want u to know if you ever ever need anything please tell me and even tho iv put you through all this and everyone is telling you to probably kill me they will never know what our relationship is like they have never opened up to people like we opened up to eachother and I said things to u that if I said it at the start I would punch myself because there the worst things I could say but I was like that and me and you learned to see passed that but that’s it I can’t keep writing this because every part is make it hurt just that one but more but I’m sorry I did always know you were the one
Love Mark x

— Reading through old shit make me wonder what the fuck happened to us we are two different people now then what we were when we were together you were such a different person when you were with me and so was i, i prefered you that way.

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